Archaeology Adventure Students improve in five areas. 24 percent increase their ability to understand coordinate pairs

728 students participated in our Archaeology Adventure program in 2015

We are conducting a short pre and post test to find the effectiveness of our Archaeology Adventure Program in five key areas.  The tests were completed by 4th to 6th grade students attending the program. This represents testing conducted in October to December 2015

All percentages are rounded off.

Testing Results,

The ability of students to ability to correctly identify the location of a point on a graph using x & y coordinates increased from 57% to 81%

The percentage of students who could correctly identity that archaeologists “study material cultural to learn about the past” increased from 41% to 59% and the number who thought archaeologists study “fossilized remains of past life on earth” decreased from 42% to 31%.


Students who believed that archaeologists spend more than twenty percent of their time excavating went from 39% to 76 %.


Understanding archaeological context is a somewhat more complex concept, but this increased from 31% to 57%.

3 context

Coming into the program, 70% already understood the basic concept of stratigraphy. Our post test showed the understanding increased 80%.


Clearly, there has been learning in the areas we measured, and there are areas for improvements.

We will continue to conduct the tests through the rest of the school year.


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