Investigate Past @ Expo

October 15, 2016  Hidden Valley Nature Center, Riverside

Investigate mysteries of the past at the International Archaeology Day Expo at the Hidden Valley Nature Center on Saturday October 15, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. with exhibits from government, business, museums and non profit groups that will challenge and inform adults and children to discover how archaeologists and law enforcement forensic investigators work to understand the past. Hidden Valley Nature Center is located 11401 Arlington Ave, in Riverside.

At the Expo you can throw an atlatl dart, like ancient people hunting mammoths; find out if you can map an archaeological site better than a 5th grader; analyze an archaeological assemblage; use an inferred electronic total station and learn about making stone tools. Archaeological research happens around the world. Expo exhibits will include information on research in California, the Near East and Mezzo America.

Members of the Riverside County Sheriffs Crime Lab and Forensic Science Academy will have hands on demonstrations of how archaeologists and law enforcement forensic scientists use similar techniques to discover the past.

Children will receive a “passport” to be stamped at each exhibit. When filled they will and receive a small prize. You are invited to bring a picnic lunch or but a lunch at the Expo.

The Expo is sponsored by the Riverside County Parks Department and Inland Southern California Society of the Archeology Institute of America (AIA) and. The Society a made up the general public interested in understanding and preserving the past as well as students and professional archaeologists and holds and number of speakers and an events each year. The AIA is North America’s oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. The Institute is a nonprofit group founded in 1879 and chartered by the United States Congress in 1906. Today, the AIA has nearly 210,000 members and more than 100 local societies in the United States, Canada, and overseas.


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